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Free Sources for Starting a Business
There are many sources on the Web that pretend to help you with your business questions. Most just try to sell you something. Here are free resources we like and use:

Franchises, Business Opportunities

Web Businesses

Web businesses and affiliate programs hold the allure of easy money low overhead and a quick entry on a part0time basis.

Although we represent many successful web business, you need to explore before you sign up. Our editors have tried some businesses and report to you.

Franchises -  Are Franchises Businesses or Franchises, Business Opportunities just "buying a job?"

Franchise FAQs
  • Training?
  • Territory?
  • Duration of Franchise?
  • Fee?
  • Trademarks?
  • Royalties
  • Advertising?
  • Operational Assistance?
  • Renewal Rights?
  • Resale Rights?
Franchise Sources

Franchises are good ways to get the advantage of a Trade Name and business systems  when starting a business. Nevertheless, you must be cautious

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